Our center is located in a central point in Diyarbakır.

If you come with your private car,

When you reach the World Junction on Mahabad Boulevard, which is known as Kayapınar district 75 roads, you can easily see Önya Plaza building.

If you are arriving by bus,

You can reach our center by taking the vehicles moving from different points in Diyarbakır city center to the stop known as ‘Dicle Kent-Metropol Last Destination’.

If you are coming by plane,

You can reach our center in 10 minutes by commercial taxis from the airport.

Contact Info

Mahabad Boulevard 629/1. Street Çeysa Önya Plaza B/Block Flat : 11 No: 52 Kayapınar 21070, Diyarbakır/TURKEY

For information or making appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us via this contact form or contact info above.